Terms and conditions

Upon acceptance of the rent agreement, the Renter confirms that they have fully understood and accepted the terms and conditions. The Renter grants Rendiauto24 OÜ the right to maintain and process personal data from the agreement and to carry out physical and electronic monitoring of the assets of Rendiauto24 OÜ.

Vehicle rental must be accompanied by an identity document – driving license, ID-card or passport. If the driver’s license is not issued by the Member States of the European Union, an international driving license (International Driving Permit) must be presented in addition to the license. The Renters noted on the contract must be at least 20 years of age and have a driving experience of at least 2 years at the time of the signing the contract. The vehicle can be managed only by persons entered into the Rental Agreement and the rental agreement is only valid for the Renter of the vehicle.

Rental prices include VAT, regular maintenance, general and comprehensive insurance, and does not include fuel costs. The rental price includes the adding of one person on the rental agreement and should there be a need to add additional persons to it, then the cost of it is 5 euros per day of rental duration.
Rental prices are calculated according to the length of the rental term. In the event of a shorter rental period than previously agreed, the prepaid rental fee will not be refunded.

Rental prices include the cost of compulsory general and comprehensive insurance. Depending on the rental vehicle, the own risk of the Renter is 300 – 600 €. Ordering the Superkasko service, the own risk of the Renter is 100 € Own risk and Superkasko do not apply in the event of theft or total destruction of a vehicle where the Renter’s liability is 15% of the insured value of the rental vehicle, provided that the Renter returns both the vehicle keys and the documents to the Renter. In the absence of keys and / or documents, theft or total destruction of the rental vehicle, the Renter’s liability is 100% of the insured value of the rental vehicle.
The excess is applied separately for each insured event, i.e. losses caused as a result of different acts or events are considered as different insurance events. Vehicle tires, wheels, keys and documents are not insured, and the Renter bears full material liability.

Expected rental amount (incl. selected additional services) is paid as an advance payment before the beginning of the rental term, the final billing is done at the end of the rental term. Deposits can be paid when the returning the vehicle by bank transfer or in cash. Exceeding the rental period is priced at 10 € / hour. If the rental vehicle delivery is delayed by more than 2 hours, the cost of one rental day is added to the rental price. If the Renter does not show to accept the vehicle at the beginning of the rental period, the person who booked the rental vehicle undertakes to pay rent according to a previously approved booking. If the Renter delays the payment of the rent or any other obligations arising from the Rental Contract, the Renter undertakes to pay 0,5% of the outstanding amount to the renting service for any delayed day.

The deposit amount for using the vehicle within the borders of the Republic of Estonia is 100 euros, while using the vehicle abroad is 200 euros. The deposit is used to cover potential future losses and / or settlements and is returned or for a set-off at the end of the rental term.

Rental periods are calculated as follows:
Day = 24 hours, week = 7 days, month = 30 days.

The rental vehicle is provided to the Renter with a full tank of gas, clean and technically fit and shall be returned in a similar condition, unless a cleaning service of the exterior and interior (25 €) of the vehicle is pre-ordered. Should the vehicle be returned smeared then the rental company has the right to request an additional surcharge of up to € 130 for the restoration of the vehicle to a pre-existing condition.
When the vehicle is handed over, a vehicle inspection report is drawn up to indicate any existing vehicle injuries / defects. In case the Renter does not identify the damage and does not apply for a corresponding notation in the contract, the vehicle is assumed to be technically fit at the time of the rental, with no external defects and malfunctions, and the Renter is considered to have no claims in regards the vehicle. By signing the inspection report, the Renter agrees with the condition of the vehicle as is indicated in the report.

Rendiauto24 OÜ vehicles have a daily mileage limit of 500 km, which is calculated in total according to the number of rental days. Upon exceeding the limit, a surcharge of 0,15 € per/ km will be applied.

The Renter undertakes to use the vehicle in a prudent manner and for a specific purpose, and return it in the pre-existing condition of the rental period. The Renter undertakes to comply with traffic regulations, current legislation and good practices. Smoking is not allowed in the vehicle and the consumption of drugs and / or alcohol is prohibited. Exiting the borders of the Republic of Estonia without the written permission of Rendiauto 24 OÜ is prohibited. The vehicle is not allowed to be driven on unpaved roads or on roads which pavement or condition may endanger the wheels, tires, body parts and / or parts of the vehicle. It is prohibited to use the vehicle for towing other vehicles, for study purposes, for training, for competitions and for the provision of paid services. In the event of a technical failure of the vehicle, Rendiauto24 OÜ offers a replacement vehicle if possible.

All claims of third parties caused by the Renter and / or users of the vehicle during the rental term (traffic violations, fines, parking fines, vehicle transfer fees, warning fees for exceeding speed limits, etc.) shall be paid and/or handled by parties using the vehicle ex-post. If the deposit is insufficient to satisfy third party claims, then the rental company has the right to demand additional levy from the Renter.

In the case of third party claims, the Renter undertakes to pay an administrative fee of € 20 plus the third-party claim (for example, a parking fine, etc.). In the case of missing fuel from the tank upon returning of the vehicle, the Renter undertakes to pay a contractual penalty of € 15 plus 1.5 times the cost of missing fuel. The Renter undertakes to pay up to 130 euros for the dry cleaning of the vehicle interior, should the rental company deem it necessary. In the absence of vehicle equipment or accessories, the Renter undertakes to pay a penalty payment of € 50 plus the costs of replacement of the missing equipment in accordance with the price lists of a select vehicle dealership. In the event of the loss / destruction of automobile documents, the Renter undertakes to pay a contractual penalty of € 50 plus a state fee in accordance with the legislation in force. In the event of the loss / destruction of the vehicle key(s), the Renter undertakes to pay a penalty of € 50 plus all costs for replacing the key(s) according to the price list of the select vehicle dealership. In the case of vehicle smoking and / or alcohol / drug abuse, the Renter undertakes to pay a contractual penalty of 200 €. In case the Renter does not use the vehicle in accordance with the manufacturer’s manual and / or good practices, the Renter undertakes to pay a contractual penalty of 500 € plus all costs incurred to restore the vehicle to a pre-rental state.

These conditions apply simultaneously with the terms and conditions and are indivisible from the rent agreement. In the event of any inconsistencies between these terms and the conditions attached to the rental agreement, the terms stipulated here will take precedence. All disputes arising from the agreement are governed by the applicable laws of the Republic of Estonia. Rendiauto24 OÜ does not reimburse the costs of trip interruption, indirect costs, loss of profit or other similar costs in the event of a technical failure of the vehicle. Rendiauto24 OÜ does not guarantee the availability of vehicles at any time. Rendiauto24 OÜ reserves the right not to rent a vehicle. Rendiauto24 OÜ reserves the right to change prices and conditions without prior notice.

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